Socially Responsible Investing

Investments That Reflect Your Values

More investors than ever are seeking investments that not only earn them the returns they need, but also embody the values that they live in their everyday lives. Socially Responsible Investing is a way to make this happen. Socially Responsible Investments seek to make a positive change in the world by screening investment opportunities based on a number of criteria, generally making sure that investments are doing no harm (screening out alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and weapons producers) and in many cases actively engaged in positive work. Socially responsible investors are also actively engaged in shareholder advocacy to improve the corporate governance and environmental stewardship of the companies they are invested in.

If you are an investor looking to make sure that your investment strategy matches your values, you are not alone! According to the Social Investment Forums' 2007 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends, nearly one out of every nine dollars under professional management in the United States today, is involved in socially responsible investing.

At Lunin-Lack & Ferro Financial Group, we take Socially Responsible Investing seriously, and we offer socially responsible, sustainability, and values based portfolios to our clients based on a number of screening criteria.

If you are tired of financial advisors and money managers telling you that it is impossible to have your investments earn the returns you need while still embodying your values, think again. Then give us a call and ask how Lunin-Pack financial Advisors can help you design a customized portfolio to bring together your values and your investments..