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What Makes Us Different? When is the Best Time to Invest? Applying Science To Investing

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"Our commitment to you is simple: We will help you get your financial life organized and on track so that you don't have to spend time worrying about it - and keep it that way forever.

Once you are free from worrying about your finances, you are free to live your life as it is meant to be lived - according your your own personal values, goals, and dreams."

- Jesse Lunin-Pack

Why Lunin-Pack Financial Advisors?

Lunin-Pack Financial Advisors is qualitatively different from other advisory, planning, or brokerage groups you may have worked with in the past.  Our clients value our professionalism, our dedicated service, and the objectivity we provide as we help them grow, protect, and pass on their wealth.

The hallmarks of our distinctive service include:

A Holistic Approach – We focus on your total financial situation.  This allows you to make informed decisions, which take into account the often complex interrelationships of planning considerations.

Independence – We have no obligation to specific products or investment companies.  This allows us to seek out best-in-class strategies to suit your needs.  We work directly for you.

Three Dimensional Planning Process – Instead of just looking at your finances as they exist today, we develop a fully interactive plan that helps us anticipate all of the important challenges and planning considerations in your life today, tomorrow, and decades into the future.

Fiduciary Responsibility – We take very seriously our legal, ethical, and moral duty to put our clients’ needs first and always act in their best interests.  While many in our industry are fighting to avoid becoming fiduciaries to their clients, we embrace this responsibility and hold it as a core value of our firm.

We help you define and implement your “Compelling Vision of the Future.”