Our Code of Ethics



The heart of the Lunin-Pack Financial Group Code of Ethics is our obligation to remain vigilant in protecting the interests of our clients above our own.  The Code of Ethics requires honest and ethical conduct by all employees and representatives.  Our aim is to protect ourselves and our clients from the damage that could arise from a situation involving a real or apparent conflict of interest. 

We are legal fiduciaries with respect to our Advisory and Financial Planning Clients.  That means that we have a responsibility to render professional, continuous, and unbiased investment advice to our Advisory Clients.  Fiduciaries owe their clients duties of care, loyalty, honesty, good faith, and fair dealing.  As a fiduciary, we must always act in the Advisory and Financial Planning Client’s best interest and must avoid or disclose conflicts of interest.  We must always place the interests of Advisory and Financial Planning Clients first and never take inappropriate advantage of our position of trust and responsibility. 

The principles of honesty and accountability are—and have always been—integral to our way of doing business.  By embracing these principles, we earn the trust of our Clients and Business Partners, a trust that is the foundation of our continued success.